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Re: Elohim

Re to Some thoughts of the issue. The Word Judge or Judges is a different word H8199 שׁפט shâphaṭ Total KJV Occurrences: 204 judge, 103 Gen_16:5, Gen_18:25, Gen_19:9, Gen_31:53, Exo_2:14, Exo_5:21, Exo_18:13, Exo_18:16, Exo_18:22 (2), Lev_19:15, Num_35:24, Deu_1:16, Deu_16:18, Deu_17:9, Deu_17:12, Deu_25:1-2 (2), Jdg_2:18-19 (3), Jdg_11:27 (2), 1Sa_3:13, 1Sa_8:5-6 (2), 1Sa_8:20, 1Sa_24:12, 1Sa_24:15, 2Sa_15:4, 1Ki_3:9 (2), 1Ki_7:7, 1Ch_16:32-33 (2), 2Ch_1:10-11 (2), 2Ch_6:23, 2Ch_19:6, 2Ch_20:12, Job_9:15, Job_22:13, Psa_9:7-8 (3), Psa_10:18, Psa_26:1, Psa_35:24, Psa_43:1, Psa_50:6, Psa_58:1, Psa_72:4 (2), Psa_75:2, Psa_75:7, Psa_82:2, Psa_82:8, Psa_94:2, Psa_96:13 (2), Pro_31:9 (3), Isa_1:17 (2), Isa_1:23, Isa_2:4, Isa_11:2-4 (4), Isa_33:22, Isa_51:5, Jer_5:28, Lam_3:59, Eze_7:3, Eze_7:8, Eze_7:27, Eze_11:10-11 (2), Eze_16:38, Eze_18:30, Eze_20:4 (2), Eze_21:30, Eze_22:2 (2), Eze_23:24, Eze_23:36, Eze_23:45, Eze_24:14, Eze_33:20, Eze_34:17, Eze_34:20, Eze_34:22, Eze_44:24, Joe_3:12, Amo_2:3, Oba_1:21, Mic_3:11, Mic_4:3, Mic_5:1, Mic_7:3 judges, 38 Num_25:5, Deu_1:16, Deu_16:18, Deu_19:17-18 (2), Deu_21:2, Deu_25:1, Jos_8:33, Jos_23:2, Jos_24:1, Jdg_2:16-18 (3), Rth_1:1, 1Sa_8:1-2 (2), 2Sa_7:11, 2Ki_23:22, 1Ch_17:6, 1Ch_17:10, 1Ch_23:4, 1Ch_26:29, 2Ch_1:2, 2Ch_19:5-6 (2), Ezr_10:14, Job_9:24, Job_12:17, Psa_2:10, Psa_141:6, Psa_148:11, Pro_8:16, Isa_1:26, Isa_40:23, Dan_9:12, Hos_7:7, Hos_13:10, Zep_3:3 judged, 28 Exo_18:26 (2), Jdg_3:10, Jdg_4:4 ...
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