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Raise Your Mask - Purim

A festive musical clip for the Israeli holiday of Purim, prepared and generously shared by permission of Ein Prat - the Academy for Leadership Originally posted on youtube by einpratfountainheads new updated link for their video: Graduates and students of Midreshet Ein Prat, Israel Based on Pink's "Raise Your Glass." Vocals: Yoav Hoze, Shani Lachmish, Ayelet Beazley, Tamar Gur, and Noa Yammer. Choreography: Edeete Suher and Orna Pfefferman Produced by Shiran Yalovich, Smadar Tsook, Keren Apfelbaum, and Stav Taub. Directed, filmed and edited by Ben R. Lyrics by Ben R. and Ari L.: Here comes the story of Purim and it goes a little something like this. Persian king lookin' for a queen Prettiest girl you've ever seen Esther wins, Yo Haman's evil, fools the king "Bow to me, y'all dig my ring" Jews don't go so low Evil master, getting nast'ier Planning for a big disaster Jews are worried, what's the story Mordechai sacks his clothes So raise your mask if you are brave in all the right ways Show your hidden face. We will never be never be Anything but true and always straight up, bold and fearless Jews Won't you come on and come on and make some noise Just come on and come and stamp your feet Won't you come on and come on and raise your glass Just come on and come on and raise your mask... with me I can do this, I'm not afraid. Ok, here goes... Now it's time to tell the King And I'm takin' back my ring And my plans have all been blown ...
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