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PumP: Who Am I

Published on May 3, 2012 WARNING: THIS VIDEO MAY CONTAIN GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS OF LIFE, THE TRUTH HURTS, BUT FOR THE EDUCATION OF HISTORY OF THE AFRO AMERICANS, SUCH ARE NECESSARY! ex (crusifiction,holocaust,slavery) A Prophetic Hip-Hop Rhyme scheme to open the eyes of the average MC and Hip-Hop Fan alike! With stories of Future occurances becoming more evident in everyday life it's kind of Cool to hear what PumP was touching on then (2006)! None of these problems were created by MC, but he who doesnt know his past, cant possibly know his or her future. Of his many styles, this one rings true in many ways in the forever search of who we are as people. The Beat by the 1 the only Freak Show, Freak-A Deek, or Freakshowla,! What can be said about the Man behind the MC reppin Colorado so well! He's Dope and with the 2 of them, Great Music! Mista Million graces the chorus, a member of MHBC. This video was made for positive reasons, to move beyond the past and allow for healing the future!
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