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Precious timepieces ticking again at Museum for Islamic Art

An invaluable collection was stolen from the Jerusalem museum and only returned 24 years later. In the early 20th century, Sir David Salomons collected almost 200 incomparable watches and clocks. He later donated them to the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem ( Among the collection on display is a watch made for Marie Antoinette, "but she was executed before she could enjoy it," say curator Rachel Hasson. In 1983, this watch and about half the collection were stolen from the museum and weren't found until late 2006, when police were able to locate 100 of the 110 original pieces. "It is a miracle, after 24 years, to receive such a collection," says Hasson. Visit the MFA's Social Media Channels: Facebook - Twitter - Please credit the MFA for any use of this video.
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