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Places of Worship - Congregtion Beth Am - Carmel Valley San Diego 92130


Congregation Beth Am, a conservative Synagogue located in Carmel Valley, has been a warm and welcoming home for San Diego residents for over 30 years. Living up to its name, literally meaning â??house of the people,â?%9D Beth Am has united the Jewish community of San Diego and helped maintain the rich tradition of their shared faith. From a variety of religious services to an assortment of educational and social programs, Beth Am really focuses on providing an opportunity for the Jewish community to interact and continue building upon their traditional values and customs.

Beth Am originally began in a tire store in Solana Beach, with just a few families who wanted to get together and share in their similar faith. But over time, the congregation began to slowly grow, and soon needed a bigger space. In 1997, Beth Am moved to a larger location here in Carmel Valley, and has seen served over 600 Jewish San Diego families.

At Congregation Beth Am, they really strive to find a balance between a traditional and modern world. As much of Judaism is deeply rooted in history, Congregation Beth Am makes sure to maintain this tradition in their congregation. In fact, Beth Am is home to a Holocaust Torah found in the Roudnice Jewish community of Czechoslovakia, where a whole community perished in the Holocaust. This Torah has been an active part of this Jewish community and Beth Am, having been read at the naming of the congregationâ??s babies, as well as their Bâ??nai Mitzvah and Shabbat services.

In addition to the Torah, a replica of a building found in Roudnice has been built at Beth Am. This replica of the Roudnice wall not only serves as a gateway to the Synagogue, but helps bridge the vibrant Jewish community of the past and present with each other.

Congregation Beth Am is not only a great place of worship, but is also a great place to gather with friends and family and maintain those traditional Jewish values. If you are interested in learning more about Beth Am or want to attend one of their Shabbat services, please visit their website for more information.
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