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Peace tastes great

Four Israeli master chefs from different ethnic and religious backgrounds cook up a variety of ways to make beautiful cuisine together. Taste of Peace (Taam Salaam in Arabic and Taam Shalom in Hebrew) ( was founded in 2009 by a multiethnic corps of chefs: Sarkis Yacoubian, an Armenian chef instructor from Jaffa; Arab Christian Johnny Goric, executive chef at the Intercontinental Resort in Jericho; Charlie Fadida, the Jewish executive chef at the Sheraton Tel Aviv and Muslim Arab Imad Shourbaji, Fadida's sous chef. Their first event was a "coexistence cooking competition" where 10 Jewish and 10 Arab chefs paired off to cook dishes together without knowing the recipe. More recently, they competed in an international culinary competition in Europe and were hired as a team to cook a lavish dinner at a private residence in Jerusalem. Each of the four supervised one course. Downloads: Videos: - Peace tastes great HiRes: - Peace tastes great HiRes No Voice: - Peace tastes great Streaming: - Peace tastes great Streaming No Voice: Documents: - Peace tastes great INTRO: - Peace tastes great SCRIPT: This video can be freely used provided credit is given to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel
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