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Paul Wolpe Talks Knowlege in New Age - JDOV Talks

We have access to unprecedented amounts of information today – you can easily and immediately look up almost any piece of information. You have at your fingertips more data than was in a great library a few decades ago, with a much quicker and more accurate way to find information. So, with all this knowledge, why don’t we feel smarter, better informed? Why does humanity still struggle with the same questions? We have technological achievements that were in the realm of science fiction just a few years ago, we are curing diseases that seemed incurable to our grandparents, we are developing 3D printing and nanotechnology and brain imaging and synthetic biology, and yet each new advance seems to challenge us with as many new questions as it solves old ones. So, if it is not knowledge we lack what exactly is it? And can our tradition add anything of value to the modern quest to try to find answers? This is the conundrum I try to explore in this JDOV talk.
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