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Paul Craig Roberts: The Israel - Iran Conflict is Not About Nukes, but Water!

Email - Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, says, "The Israel/Iran conflict is not about nukes, but water!" Dr. Roberts says, "Israel wants to get rid of Iran as supplier to Hezbollah . . . . So they can overrun Southern Lebanon," because that's where the water is. So, could Israel attack Iran before the November Presidential Election? Dr. Roberts says, "If the election is very close, Netanyahu is likely to take the gamble." Roberts thinks the President would be forced to support Israel militarily so as to not lose the Jewish vote in places like Florida. Dr. Roberts says, "The majority of Israelis do not want an attack on Iran." He goes on to say, "You can't even have an honest criticism that Israel is in danger without being called an anti-Semite." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
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