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Palestinians Petition Israel to Block Muhammad Film: Arab-Israeli MK Taleb al-Sana Speaks Out

I'm here at the Jerusalem district court where anger over the film that dengrates the prophet Muhammad has turned into a legal battle. Palestinians have petitioned the court to force Google to block the YouTube clip of the film in Israel. Arab- Israeli Knesset member Taleb al-Sana filed the petition, we had a chance to speak to him before today's hearing. Take a listen to what he had to say. Al-Sana's petition argues the film clip, entitled the "Innocence of Muslims," violates Israeli law by inciting violence and insulting the religious sensibilities of Muslims. The Youtube video portrays the prophet Mohammad as a sexually deviant buffoon and religious fraud. The nearly 14 minute film clip was produced by a Coptic Christian in California. He's now in hiding and has been questioned by US authorities. Al-Sana calls the film clip offensive, racist and a blasphemy. It has been widely criticized in the West and in the US. The Obama Administration has refused to force the film clip off the web, saying the producer has a right to freedom of expression. Al-Sana disagrees -- he believes the film crosses a red line... Al-Sana says he's appealing to the Israeli courts to try to prevent the kind of violent demonstrations the American film clip has provoked across the Arab world... The anti-film protests in East Jerusalem and the West Bank earlier in the week were far more tame than those in Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Afghanistan and all the anti-Islamic film has fueled ...
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