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Palestinian leaders planning new UN statehood vote

Palestinian leaders planning new UN statehood vote: The Palestinian Authority is planning to present the UN General Assembly with another bid for a status upgrade. November 15 or November 29 have been rumoured as the dates for the bid, which could see the Palestinian Authority upgraded from "observer" status to "non-member state." PA leader Mahmoud Abbas had earlier sought to hold the UN vote during September's General Assembly meeting in New York, but eventually deferred the bid after the Obama administration reportedly requested him to wait until the presidential elections were over. The US, Britain, France and Germany are believed to be pressuring Ramallah to withdraw its bid altogether. Israel under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is opposed to a statehood vote before the security situation in the Palestinian territories reaches the point of not posing a serious threat to the Jewish state. Despite the likelihood that the Palestinian Authority would probably receive widespread support from the majority of UN members for their vote, many believe that renewed public disagreement between the PA and Israel could further sideline already dwindling moderate political voices.
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