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PM Netanyahu Met with Heroes to Heroes Delegation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on Monday, 3 September 2012, with a delegation of the Heroes to Heroes Foundation, which brings together Israeli and American soldiers wounded in war. Prime Minister Netanyahu said: "This is a very moving moment for me because you're the soldiers of the greatest force for freedom in history. We share the same experiences. We've defended the same values and we face the same threats, and right now the biggest threat we're all facing is Iran's plans to develop nuclear weapons-capability. This is a brutal regime that is racing ahead with its nuclear program, because it doesn't see a clear red line from the international community. And it doesn't see the necessary resolve and determination from the international community. The greater the resolve and the clearer the red line, the less likely we'll have conflict." Video, GPO: Itai Beit-On, Sound: Itamar Bitton
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