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Ohio Jewish vote President Obama Romney 2012

The US presidential election is entering its final week and with the race essentially tied, there is a desperate scramble by the campaigns of Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Barack Obama to secure the battleground states. The outcome of the race here in Ohio may very well determine the outcome of the race, and the Romney campaign is doing whatever it can to wrestle the Jewish vote there away from the Democrats. Ohio is known as the state that picks presidents. No Republican has ever become president without winning here. The campaigns are competing fiercely for every advantage, including the Jewish vote, which historically has gone overwhelmingly to the Democratic side. With so much at stake hundreds of Jewish Republicans are mobilizing. Ruth, Republican Jewish Coalition: "Israel is the Jewish nation, it's a Jewish homeland, that we didn't have during the Holocaust and before, and Jews don't seem to care about that. As long as we have gay marriage and abortion, they don't really care whether there's a Jewish nation or not." Ari Fleischer, George W Bush's former White House spokesman laid out the stakes. Ari Fleischer, former spokesman under George W. Bush: "If Mitt Romney can get anywhere from 25 and 35% of the Jewish vote, it'll be a modern-day record. If he gets north of 30%, Ohio will go Republican.. so think about that (applause)." Although an Ohio Jewish group estimates Jews makes up just 1.3% of the state's population, even a small change could have an impact ...
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