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Obama faces pressure over Benghazi attack

As the US presidential election draws closer President Barack Obama is facing renewed pressure over his handling of the 11 September attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, which left four Americans dead including US ambassador Stevens. CIA sources say that they had reported within 24 hours that the attack had been carried out by Islamist militants which raises questions ahead of the important last presidential debate covering foreign policy, about exactly when the President knew that the incident was a terrorist attack and not part of a protest over a US made film ridiculing the Prophet Mohammed, as was initially stated. Many Republicans are skeptical that Obama kept quiet to protect his good reputation on dealing with al-Qaeda ahead of the election. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently came out to shoulder the blame for the security breach in Benghazi but it failed to take the heat off of the president. Obama didn't even escape a grilling over the incident on 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart', despite the fact the show is generally light-hearted and broadcast on the Comedy Central cable network.
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