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Obama Victory Sandy Give Hopes

Obama Victory Sandy Give Hopes Asian-Americans vote overwhelmingly for Obama Jewish Vote Goes 69 Percent For Barack Obama 選民結構救了歐巴馬失業多的州拉美裔鐵票也多Follow us on Exit polls indicate that President Barack Obama received 69 percent of the Jewish vote Tuesday. Partisans have just begun to argue whether that was an overwhelming endorsement or the latest evidence that one of the Democratic Party's most reliable constituencies is becoming less so with every presidential election. On what was otherwise a dismal night for Mitt Romney, Jewish Republicans boasted they had increased their market share compared to 2008, when American Jews gave Obama either 74 percent, according to one large voter sampling, or 78 percent, as is more broadly reported. Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), cited the larger number on Twitter to declare that "Obama saw massive erosion of Jewish support." Romney's share of the Jewish vote represented a "huge increase" of almost 50 percent over Sen. John McCain's 22 percent in 2008, Brooks told The Huffington Post, calling it "part of an ongoing and unmistakable trend" in which five out of the last six national elections saw Republicans "steadily and consistently" make inroads in the Jewish community. The RJC released results from its own surveys of 1000 Jewish voters nationwide and 600 each in the pivotal states of Florida and Ohio. Nationally, it said Romney received 32 percent ...
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