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Obama Romney Brown Nosing the Jewish Vote

FUNNY! The DEBATE 3 for Dummies Hacked Up to show what you Really Missed. 2 Clowns Fighting over WHO can BROWN NOSE ISRAEL the DEEPEST. You will Get a Few laughs before you Realize How UN AMERICAN these Two Bass Tards Really Are. But the JEWISH MEDIA gave you No Other Choice, Did they? october 22 2012 Presidential debate boca raton florida israel, war, iran, nukes, ww3, china, economy, national security, conspiracy theory, jew, jews, jewish vote, ron paul, gary, medical marijuana, colorado, swing state, washington, ny, dc, cia, navy,air force, iraq, afghanistan, middle east, sanctions, nwo, republican, democrat, independant, booth, 911, attack, al qaeda, libya, fools, comedy, stunt, tweak, parody, humor, joke, skit.
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