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Nowhere in Africa (2001)

(Nirgendwo in Afrika) What is the most critical element in defining a human being? Is it race? Gender? Nationality? Religion? Family? Friendships? In times of severe crisis, what do we look to in order to give us strength and purpose? This is the driving question at the heart of Caroline Link's impressive film. (Based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Stefanie Zweig The film follows a German Jewish couple and their young daughter as they leave their homeland in the face of Hitler's rise to power and relocate to a Kenyan farm. IMDb User Reviews Early on, it is clear that Jettel, the mother (Juliane Köhler), is not exactly prepared for the life that awaits her, as it is revealed that she has packed up the family's fine china and spent most of their remaining deutschmarks on an expensive evening gown. Young Regina (Lea Kurka) proves much more adaptable, quickly befriending the natives and acclimating to the local customs. Despite being the victim of racial persecution in her native country, Jettel is adamant in insisting that her daughter not behave like a "negro." Through the occasional letter and international radio broadcast, the family is able to stay updated on the horrifying political events dramatically transforming their homeland and the devastating impact on family and friends that were left behind. The father, Walter (Merab Ninidze), even gets a brief taste of the far-reaching ramifications of World War II's outbreak ...
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