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No mosque at Ground Zero

Stop the stealth jihad. Petitions against the Ground Zero mosque Watch this video and learn what's really going on Dutch government helping to pay for mosque The 9/11 mosque A mosque at Ground Zero equals victory Why Cordoba? Ground Zero imam: "I don't believe in religious dialogue." One of the Cordoba Initiative's "Muslim leaders of tomorrow" Ground Zero mosque team lacking funds amid bookkeeping chaos 9/11 Sacrilege A sneak preview of the Ground Zero mega-mosque How to stop the Ground Zero mega-mosque Overtolerance could pave the way for sharia in America Saudi billionaire boasts of manipulating Fox news coverage Fox refuses to carry VoteVets energy independence ad Kagan helped shield Saudis from 9/11 lawsuits US administration afraid to call things by their name Brennan's lesson on jihad Interview with the man who led the campaign against the London Olympic mosque PETITION AGAINST SHARIA LAW IN BRITAIN ‪ BOOK OF VIDEO TRANSCRIPTS NOW AVAILABLE You can download an audio version of this video at Subscribe via iTunes at
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