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No Gold Medals Yet for Israeli Olympic Delegation: Israelis Support their 12 Olympic Athletes

Earlier this week the 2012 London Olympics took off, with Israel sending 12 athletes to represent the state in several sports. It has been several days since then and thus far, no signs of gold medals just yet for the Israeli delegation. Now, Israel pursuing and obtaining medals in the Olympics, has become a tradition in the last 20 years, therefore raising the expectations this time around as well. We asked Israelis how they felt their athletes were holding up so far in the race. Were they happy or disappointed with their achievements and what they foresee for the remainder of the competition. With several days still left to the Olympic Games, final results are still in the unknown. And as one of the Israeli athletes was quoted saying- "Sometimes a little bit of luck is the only difference between success and failure." Sivan Raviv, JN1, Israel.
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