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Nick Carter Green - "Inception" (LIVE @ High Noon Saloon!)

11.13.11 - High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI. http XCI | MMLL | Directed By Joe Guerilla Films Featured Clothing By: Angry Hero Produced By: June G. Download Link: Lyrics: [Verse] Uh... I'm The '91 Phenomenon I'm Bigger Than Comic-Con Hope You Got An Empire For Me And Mine To Overrun Future Bright, That Light Ain't Off Time With H*es Is Time I Lost 'Cause I'm The Boss, I'm The Boss Dropping Jewels... Holocaust! N*ggas Know My Name In Every Circle And B*tch Ain't No Denying That Like Laura Did With Urcle And Your Girl Wanna Be Myra So, She Can Give Me More Head Than Tyra But I Go Tit For Tat Like Tyga Don't Get Your Top Knocked Off Like Visors And... I Don't Gotta See That Show, 'Cause All These H*es Are Pretty Little Liars But Still I Stand Like Risers B*tch, I Rock Like I'm Stuck In Tires American Pie Her But Please Tell Me Where Is Tara Reid Though? Cali Resident Like I Never Seen Snow All I Really Need Is A Lebanese H*e, And That Red-Head Chick From That 70's Show And I'm Out This World Like Anakin, Darth Vader On A Bad Day Call Me What You Want, 'Cause Either Way I'm F*cking Padme The President Is Present Motherf*ck Your D*mn Election I'm Living Out Your Dreams B*tch, I Guess This Is Inception Now You're Dreading 'Cause You Wanna Be Waka Smoke Weed 'Cause You Wanna Be Wiz Get Tats 'Cause You Wanna Be Wayne F*ck Dames 'Cause You Wanna Be This But Can You Please Hop Off My D*ck? N*gga Just Give Me A Reason ...
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