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New York Subway System to Run 'Defeat Jihad' Ad: Judge Rules It's Free Speech

A controversial advertisement equating Muslim radicals with "savages" is set to go up in New York City's subway system after a judge ruled that banning them would violate the right to free speech. The ads, which include the words "Support Israel, Defeat Jihad," have been plastered on San Francisco city buses in recent weeks, prompting some artists to deface them and remove some of the words. Muneer Awad, the executive director of the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic relations, said he recognises the initiative's right to freedom of speech, but urged New Yorkers not to accept bigotry. Muneer Awad, Council on American-Islamic Relations "We want to make New Yorkers realise that although this ad says "Support Israel," it has nothing to do with Israel at all and it doesn't reflect the concerns of the Jewish people either. In fact, many major American Jewish organisations have not only condemned these advertisements, but also condemned the group behind these ads as a designated hate group." The ads come at a sensitive time for the US, as violent protests continue throughout the Muslim world in reaction to an American-made video mocking the Prophet Muhammad. Pamela Geller, the conservative blogger who heads the group behind the initiative, dismissed criticism of the timing. Conservative blogger Pamela Geller: "When is a good time? I mean, when I wanted to run it, it wasn't a good time. It's never a good time. If it's not an ad, it's a film. If it's not a film ...
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