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New York City Subway Ad Calls Muslims 'Savages': Right-Wing Blogger Pamela Geller's Free Speech

Controversial advertisements equating Muslim radicals with "savages" have gone up in New York City's subway system, where they have—not surprisingly—been causing a stir. The ads appeared after a federal judge ruled against a request by New York's transportation authority to ban them, explaining that doing so would violate the constitutional guarantee to freedom of speech for the ads' backers, the American Freedom Defense Initiative. The group is headed by right-wing blogger Pamela Geller, who campaigned against a proposal to build an Islamic community centre near the site where the World Trade Center towers were destroyed during the September 11 attacks. Geller's lawyer insists that the ads aren't factually inaccurate, and even if they were, they would still be protected under the right to freedom of speech, adding that people are simply upset by the blunt choice of words. David Yerushalmi, attorney for ad's backers "It was the word 'savage' that seemed to bother them so much. It wasn't the criticism of the jihad, or those who oppose Israel, but it was linking them with savagery. Our client's position was, since her ad opposes jihad it opposes terrorism and acts of violence against innocent men, women and children. That is, by definition, "savagery" and even if it weren't, it's still free speech, absolutely protected within the core meaning of the first amendment." That word angered Alma Ali, a Muslim from New York, who says the ads unfairly generalise followers of Islam ...
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