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New 2013 Collection from Marc Jacobs at New York Fashion Week: New Skirts, Bras, Tops on Runway

Marc Jacobs has taken a step back in time with his spring 2013 clothing collection, recently showcased at Fashion Week in New York. The designer's creations encapsulated the British Mod look of the 1960s with monochrome prints and polka dots taking over the runway. The midriff was also key to the designs with see-through shirts over bras and pencil skirts with short tops on display. Singer Ricky Martin, currently starring in the Broadway musical revival of Evita, was in the front row for the catwalk show. Ricky Martin: "I'm loving New York. I've been here now for a year and I wanted to feel what's going on (with fashion week). I really wanted to feel what's going on and I think this was the best show to come to - to start at least. Experiencing the New York fashion week." Marc Jacobs is one of the globe's biggest fashion labels. In 2002 the designer got his very own star on the Fashion Walk of Fame in New York's Garment District.
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