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Netanyahu had ordered military strike on Iran in 2010

Email Tel Aviv, 05 Nov., 2012 In what may be considered damning evidence that Israel has always wanted to attack Iran, with fears of reprisal from a nuclear armed Iran as mere shield, new reports suggest that the Israeli premier and his defence minister had ordered their armed forces to prepare for a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities back in 2010. Here one is not merely talking about Israel planning or making a proposal for a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities that Benjamin Netanyahu wanted bypassing the Israeli Parliament. One is talking about a military operation that was fully geared to be carried out. However, the hawkish Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Defence Minister Ehud Barak were rebuffed in their war mongering efforts by Israeli armed forces chief and top intelligence head both of whom refused to take the orders, declaring the move "illegal" and something like "stealing a war." An investigative report aired by Israeli Channel 2 documentary reported that Gabi Ashkenazi, the then Chief of Army Staff and Meir Dagan, former Mossad chief staunchly opposed the move that could have brought the two nations, Israel and Iran to the brink of war. In a meeting of the forum of seven senior government ministers in 2010 which was attended by Ashkenazi and Dagan, Netanyahu gave the order to upgrade the level of preparedness of Israel's security apparatus to "P-plus" -- a kind of Defcon 1 for the Israeli military. This code ...
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