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Netanyahu Syria Golan Heights negotiation

Was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu willing to negotiate the Golan Heights with Syria? The Israeli daily Maariv published that in 2010, this was indeed a possibility. According to their sources, a round of talks took place between Israel and Syria with American mediation during that time, in which Netanyahu agreed to discuss Israel withdrawing from the Golan Heights if Syria cut off ties with Iran and Hezbollah. We asked Israelis if they believed such as offer was made by the right wing Netanyahu. Tel Aviv resident Arsen Ontrovsky: "I don't think Bibi agreed to give up the Golan Heights to Syria in 2010. From what I would hope of Bibi, from what I know, I doubt it, because personally I don't think he would give up land which is legitimately claimed in a defensive war in 67' but more importantly the only circumstance he would give the land up is if for real and just peace agreements here, and I don't think that's possible under the Assad regime, which still supports terror and Hezbollah." Jaffa resident Luna Linesen: "Nobody knows because it's probably secret negotiations but I firmly believe that if they would get to the table and start direct negotiations, I definitely believe that that it would be an issue." Tel Aviv resident Marco: "I've heard him say many times that when you have a peace agreement with the Arabs and especially countries like Syria where it's really a Dictatorship and not a Democracy, you return land for a piece of paper that says we have peace with ...
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