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'Navy Seal' Shooting Range in Las Vegas Lets You Take Out Osama Bin Ladin, Other Terrorists

A Las Vegas shooting range is offering visitors the chance to fire some of the most powerful guns in the world... at terrorists.. Machine Gun Vegas touts itself as the "world's first luxury gun lounge" offering wannabe sharpshooters the chance to fire weapons like those used to kill Osama bin Laden. The people behind the new Navy Seal-Style Shooting Range say it is unique because it features some of the most high-powered weapons in the world. And they estimate as many as 20% of their customers are from the UK. Machine Gun Vegas owner Genghis Cohen "Guns have been glamorised for a long time, you know, we're just another aspect of guns being glamorised. But the movie industry if no-one else, has glamorised guns I think more than any other industry in the world. And people often ask me, well, you know, is glamorising guns a bad thing? And I say, well, have you ever been to a movie with guns in it? And..."yes I have". British tourist Simon Mills "It's quite a surreal experience, I can see people really really really love it, I mean it's quite a strange thing to do being brought up in a country that, you know, guns aren't at all commonplace. It's a great experience, going to Vegas, going to the desert, good fun, good fun, but very strange." The company also offers its potential gunslingers the opportunity to take out the highest profile terrorists, such as Osama bin Laden.
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