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NOT FOR THE DEAD (working title) - TRAILER

A Catholic Pole, determined to heal a festering historical wound, embarks on a 20-year crusade to reconcile Poles and Jews over a massacre that happened 67 years ago. On July 4, 1946, a crowd of people in Kielce, Poland, murders holocaust survivors living in the city. The Kielce pogrom echoes throughout the world. It is a taboo subject under the communist government in Poland. With the fall of communism a man, living in the city, begins his campaign of reconciliation, a campaign that is provocative and at times dangerous and painful for him. Cutting through the fog of conspiracy theories, the unending debate about how and why it happened and the racial stereotypes with which Jews and Poles have viewed each other, he transforms Kielce – the murder site – into a place of dialogue and reconciliation. NOT FOR THE DEAD is a story about the contemporary world, where one man’s passion and persistence brings resolution to a painful historical trauma. Although the source for this film harkens back to 1946, this is not another holocaust film.
It is about a man who creates public space for dialogue today where both sides can be heard and can hear their opponents. He reaches deeply into the hearts and minds of his community, examining people’s prejudices–beliefs that are often hidden from themselves. Finally, he opens people’s eyes to the signs of good will coming from their opponents.
The special talents of our protagonist and the process of change he initiates make him a model for resolution of ethnic conflicts around the world. The film is also an illustration of how ideas condition human experience and how haunted histories are present in our everyday lives.
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