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NHK - Israeli PM planned to attack Iran in 2010

NHK World News ---- Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai Description -- An Israeli television documentary has claimed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the country's military to prepare to attack Iran's nuclear facilities 2 years ago. The program reported on Monday that Netanyahu held a meeting with top ministers and advisors. It said he ordered the armed forces' chief of staff to be ready for the attack. The report says the chief of staff opposed the plan. He argued that the country lacked the military capability to mount a successful attack. It says the head of the Mossad intelligence agency also disagreed with the prime minister, arguing that such a decision should be made at a full cabinet meeting. The military and intelligence leaders both retired last year and have been strongly criticizing Netanyahu. They said it would be premature for Israel to attack Iran. Netanyahu told the UN General Assembly in September he would set a deadline of next summer at the latest for Iran to stop its nuclear development program. Nov. 5, 2012 - Updated 22:53 UTC (07:53 JST)
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