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"My Deal with G-d" This History of TAG

This was an incredible interview "says Jasse" the producer of the video. I was sent to gather a little history about the beginning of a girls school in Far Rockaway and the beginnings of the Jewish community in the Five Towns and I came back with a Holocaust story about a "Deal with G-d" as Dr. Moshe Katz told me. It knocked me out of my chair. The nerve to make a deal with the creator, then to hear about how "both" kept their deal. After Dr. Katz, a re-known lecturer gave me his book "Nine Out of Ten", .. and I read it..I was stunned. This needs to be a full length documentary. Help us raise the funds! It's an incredible story from an incredible man and his family that needs to be told.

Read the complete story "Nine out of Ten"
At war's end, the piteous, battered remnants of a once proud Hungarian Jewry began making their way back to their hometowns in search of fellow survivors. The Katz family was no different. Or were they? Nine out of ten siblings from one family - an almost unheard of survival rate - escaped death to be reunited. This is their story - and what a story it was! Resourcefulness, courage and amazing acts of heroism, showing kindness to their fellow Jews, at the risk of their own lives; flight, imprisonment, deportation and escape; hope, despair, prayer and faith; these are some of the elements that combine to create a Holocaust saga unlike any you've ever heard before
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