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Muslim Terrorists attack Jews at Kever Rachel (Tomb of Rachel)

Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing our "partners in peace" - the "palestinian people." Quick history, yesterday I was praying at Kever Rachel (the burial place of Rachel, the Jewish matriarch who was married to Jacob). While there, arab muslim terrorists started throwing large rocks at the side of the building, the windows & the area out front where Jews enter. This went on for about an hour while 2 "palestinian authority police officers" (dressed in their usual army fatigues - kinda wierd if you claim to be a police dept) stood around & did nothing. In the meantime, we were all kept inside by our wonderful Israeli soldiers who's hands were tied by the iresponsible Israeli govt who won't allow them to properly protect us. Take a look at this video and you'll see the terrorists throwing their stones. In the still picture that I took (see my next posting), you'll see the arab "police officer" just standing there doing absolutely nothing to stop them despite the palestinian authority's guarantee that they will arrest terrorists who try to injured or kill Jews. These terrorists have become so bold that they don't even bother covering their faces anymore. How hard is it for the muslim "police" to arrest these people? These are our "partners in peace" according to the world?!?! Truth is, I'm not shocked by these facts - the muslims have always been quite clear about their intentions. They've never hidden their intentions to kill all Jews & destroy Israel... even if they ...
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