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More Bikers in London after Britain's Olympic Cycling Medals: 'Boris Bikes' Great for Tourists

Great Britain's success in the Olympic cycling during London 2012 has inspired many Londoners to literally take to their bikes. London's hire bikes known as 'Boris Bikes' after London mayor Boris Johnson who introduced them, have been particularly popular with city dwellers and tourists alike: Mayor of London Boris Johnson: "You're crazy not to be on a bike today, it's absolutely beautiful, I've been cycling in my suit and it's perfectly fragrant (laughter), and I thoroughly recommend it, it is the most wonderful way to get around a city like London." Many seem to feel London is better seen on two wheels than on two feet: Steffano Velandi, Italian tourist: "It's a very comfortable system for touring the city, it's nice to ride the bike and see the city. You don't get tired compared with touring by foot. It's very good." Keith Waller, electrician from London: "I do think the Olympics has helped. I think in the long run it's going to be a big thing for people. I think it's going to be a big inspiration." London 2012 reaches its conclusion on the 12th August.
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