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Molotov Cocktail Thrown in Paris Kosher Supermarket: Fire Bomb Attack on 'Naouri' in Sarcelles

At least four people have been wounded in a Paris suburb after a Molotov cocktail was thrown into a kosher supermarket in an attack which may be linked to the fallout from the anti-Islam movie clip posted to YouTube. France is now in the spotlight in what many are dubbing a battle between Freedom of Speech and Islamic blasphemy laws after a Parisian satirical magazine published images poking fun at the Prophet Muhammad. In the Paris attack on the kosher supermarket two men dressed in black threw a fire bomb into the "Naouri" kosher supermarket in Sarcelles in the north of Paris. Moshe Cohen-Sabban, the president of the local Jewish community told Le Figaro newspaper that the shop was busy at the time of the attack and that there is "much anti-Semitism" on a national level in France.
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