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Mini Israel - See it all, small

Since its opening in 2002, Mini Israel has become one of the most popular of the country's tourist attractions, presenting the nation at eye level in miniature. A visit to Mini Israel ( is not just a fun way to get an overview of Israel on dollhouse scale. Smadar Efrat of the entertainment theme site says it also provides a comprehensive glimpse into the land's history, archeology, architecture, religion, industry, shopping, leisure and academic institutions -- as well as its people, depicted in Mini Israel's 385 painstakingly crafted dioramas in full miniature detail. The 25000 tiny figures are animated with motion, music and sound. Located near Ben-Gurion International Airport, Mini Israel is a popular place to start or end a trip to Israel. Downloads: Videos Hi Res no narration - Streaming no nattation - Docs: Intro - Script - Please credit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel for any use of these videos
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