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Micha Odenheimer Talks Globalization - JDOV Talks

My talk conveys my passionate belief that we are at a crossroads in human life, in which all of humanity is being connected and integrated into a single economic and environmental system. Though facing deep challenges, Jews are no longer a pariah people, but are situated economically and culturally in the mainstream of globalization, with the capacity, right and responsibility to influence the course our world will take, what it will mean to be a human being. Since the period of the Enlightenment, at the beginning of the 19th century, Jews have been split between those whose main concern is preserving the Jewish people’s unique identity, spiritual mission and culture, and those who desired to take Judaism’s universal message of social justice to the larger world. My argument is that, because of the urgency of the hour, and the nature of Judaism’s message, preserving the integrity of the Jewish spiritual tradition means being actively involved in creating a new kind of globalization, driven not by the marketplace (although there is a place for the marketplace) but by a vision for human good.
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