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Miasto Ruin (City of Ruins)

Spring, 1945. The Liberator plane lowers its flight altitude, goes below the cloud line. It flies north, along the Vistula river and finds itself above the recent uprising fighting grounds, above the destroyed Warsaw. This is the beginning of City of Ruins, digital 3D (stereostopic) re-creation of a city destroyed during the Second World War. The Warsaw Rising Museum trusted Platige Image with producing their idea. The project's objective was, first and foremost, to re-create the horror of the destroyed, deserted Warsaw, to overwhelm the viewers with realism of the situation seen from the perspective of a person flying the Liberator plane. - 63 000 manually placed models of buildings - 7 500 frames, each consisting of 50 layers - 1 600 photos - 35 historical objects recreated in great detail - 30 graphic artists - 6 months of composing (combining) the images to make a unified whole - 2 months of continous rendering Production: THE WARSAW RISING MUSEUM Executive Production: Platige image ( CG Supervisor: Michał Gryn Director: Damian Nenow Executive Producer: Marcin Kobylecki Music: Adam Skorupa ---------------------------------------------------------------- Visit: ----------------------------------------------------------------
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