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Marine Le Pen Wants Kippa, Veil Ban in France: 'National Front' Wants Religion Banned in Public

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the extreme right party the National Front, wants to forbid people to wear kippas and veils on the streets and in public transportation. She made her remarks in an interview with the daily newspaper Le Monde. Marine Le Pen thinks that France is the victim of fundamentalists and that all religious symbols should be banned from the public space. During the presidential campaign earlier this year, Marine Le Pen did well in the polls, but she did not succeed in getting through to the second round nor to get into the parliament. According to Joël Rochard, a French member of the European Jewish Parliament, Marine Le Pen is now just looking for media attention after a quiet summer. In a reaction, Manuel Valls, the French Minister of the Interior condemned Marine Le Pen's ideas. The Minister wore a kippa himself during a Shana Tova ceremony in Paris. So if you wear a small hat? Marine Le Pen already changed her remarks by saying the kippa as such is not the problem for French society, but she asked the Jewish community nevertheless to take kippas off in public, something she sees as a small sacrifice. Stefan de Vries, JN1, Paris.
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