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Manhunt Continues for Shooting Suspect in France

(Image source: France 24)



The manhunt continues for a shooter who killed a rabbi and three young children outside of a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. Surveillance video shows the shooter had a camera strapped to his chest during the incident. CNN reports the disturbing details.

“This idea that he was recording what he was doing as he gunned down those children. He got close enough to really shoot them at point blank range in the back of the head. The youngest as young as three.”

The shooting outside of the school has been connected with similar killings of three soldiers of north African and Caribbean origin in the same area last week. Euronews says this has lead some investigators to question if the killings were racially motivated.

“One line of investigation is focusing on the far right. A national magazine has suggested the shooter could be one of three soldiers who were dismissed from the local military base in 2008 for neo-Nazi activities.”

The nation is coming together to mourn the killings.

The Telegraph reports schools across France held a moment of silence to honor those that died on Monday. President Nicholas Sarkozy spoke at one of the schools.

“These children were three, six and eight years old. The murderer hounded a little girl. It’s a serious matter. So serious that the whole republic is concerned. Your teachers, you families and you.”

A French scholar wrote an opinion piece for Jewish news site Haaretz that expresses the violence speaks badly for the nation as a whole.

“ … it is the social contract that is the victim of assassination in a bloodbath of this kind... There can be no worse blow to French culture, to the soul of our country, its history and when all is said and done, to its grandeur than racism and, today, anti-Semitism.”

According to The Telegraph, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the attacks as being motivated by anti-Semitism. The victims will be buried in Jerusalem on Wednesday.
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