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Luxembourg royal wedding Notre Dame

Luxembourg has been reveling in a two-day extravaganza of royal wedding fever, as Prince Guillaume and Belgian fiancée Countess Stephanie de Lannoy tied the knot in the tiny northern European duchy. The pair married in a civil ceremony at Luxembourg City Hall, before heading to a gala dinner attended by numerous grandees including a Qatari Prince, and scions of royal families from Morocco, Norway, Japan, Britain, Serbia and Belgium. The following day, the newlywed couple made their way up the aisle of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg past a joyous choir and selected guests to exchange vows, rings, and befittingly tender looks in the eyes of God. Lookers on described the wedding as an historic day for Luxembourg, and said that they had really felt a part of proceedings, which gave the duchy a rare moment in the international media spotlight. Later in the day, the pair appeared on the balcony of the Grand Ducal Palace to embark on some traditional waving to the crowds, and did not shy away from a bit of public royal affection. The event rounded off with a stroll through the streets, and a firework display of suitably regal proportions.
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