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Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project

Itâ??s hard to describe how one event can change your line of work. But, the more I have been involved with the film making/ storytelling, the more I am finding stories of just that: People running through life pursuing this or that line of work, and then some how are thrust into a situation that calls to them and helps them to rethink what they are doing and why they are doing it. Many times this rethinking has not only helped them change careers, but also provided a turning point in their lives where their influence for helping other has been magnified.

A little over two weeks ago I found myself recording a series of interviews from a group of former students and their high school teacher from Union Town, Kansas. They were on our university campus to share in an incredible event called â??Righteous among the Nationsâ?%9D. The event celebrates unsung heroes (gentiles) of the WWII who helped assist JEWS during the Holocaust. While none of these students or their teacher were involved with the holocaust directly, they helped to identify a Polish woman who was (Irena Sendler). In a little over a years time, this obscure group of students from a rural town in Kansas helped make Irenaâ??s story a national story and set in motion a series of travels and exchanges with Irena that would forever change their lives.

It has been my privilege to work on editing their stories for the past few weeks into a micro documentary. All images were used by permission from:

The Lowell Milken Center
Yad Vashem

Music licensed through Premium Beat and the Vimeo music store:
Dan Phillipson
Emmett Cooke
Kerry Muzzey
Olive Musique
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