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Lebanon anger Homeland misrepresents Beirut

Lebanon's Ministry of Tourism has said it may sue the makers of hit TV series Homeland for misrepresenting Beirut. When the producers of the popular TV show chose to return to film in Israel, where the series originated, Israeli fans were delighted, with former Hamas prisoner Gilad Shalit even making a visit to the set. But the decision to use Israeli locations -- including Jaffa and Tel Aviv -- as stand-ins for areas in the Lebanese city of Beirut, has apparently angered Arab viewers. Lebanon's Tourism Minister says that scenes showing star Claire Danes fleeing terrorists on the streets of Beirut and dodging gunmen in a private home on Hamra Street are misrepresentative and damage Beirut's image. The Lebanese Tourism Minister Faddy Abboud was also said to be upset that the filming took place in Israel rather than Beirut, which once styled itself as the "Paris of the Middle East". Twentieth Century Fox Television, which makes the show, has refused to comment, however a friend of one of Homeland's Israeli co-creators said it would have been dangerous to film in Beirut, and Israelis aren't allowed there anyway.
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