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Larry Smith Talks Six-Word Memoirs - JDOV Talks

Weâ??re all storytellers. And no story is more important than the story of our own lives. Yet so often our own story is the one thatâ??s hardest to tell. Whatâ??s so wonderful about the six-word limitationâ??whether about life overall or one aspect of it such as faith, is that it forces each of us to figure out what matters most. The Six-Word Memoirs on Jewish Life project asks each of us to seek the essence of Jewish life in half-a-dozen well-chosen words. Thousands of people have already responded and through this simple prompt we see â??person by person, six words by six wordsâ??both our unique differences and what unites us all. Whatâ??s more, for Jews and non-Jews alike, in synagogues and churches, at Shabbat dinner and lobster bakes, among the most Orthodox and most secular, this simple, accessible form becomes a catalyst for larger discussions about who we are, where weâ??ve been and where weâ??re headed, as individuals and as one people.
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