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Kurds, Christians Get Along in Liberated Syrian City of Dirk despite Christian Support of Assad

Kurds liberated the Syrian border city of Dirk on 21 July, and since then a range of ethnic and religious groups have been living in relative harmony. Reports in the Kurdish newspaper Rudaw indicate that Christians in the town are comfortable with the Kurds now being in control. Furthermore, the Kurds are said to be committed to ensuring that no prejudice takes place against Arabs, Armenians and indeed other groups living in liberated areas. However, Christians remain divided over the future of the Assad regime. Some believe that Assad protected their community and are concerned about the future governance of Syria, should there be a regime change. Meanwhile, clashes between Kurds and Turkish police have continued recently in eastern Turkey. With ethnic groups seemingly living in harmony under Kurdish rule in Syria, this only increases pressure on the Turkish government to address some of the long term issues in the region.
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