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Kosher Supermarket Opens in Frankfurt, Germany: Rimon Supermarket Sells Only Kosher Products

When Frankfurt Rabbi Menachem Klein put a mezuzah on the door Germany's first kosher supermarket opens its doors here in Frankfurt. A variety of kosher products are expected to attract hundreds of Jewish customers as well as curious non- Jewish shoppers. You can buy anything you want here, all kosher. You can have wine, you can have chicken nuggets, you can have ice-cream, whatever you want, they have it here. A lot of the products come from Israel and also from all over Europe. I've seen products here from Belgium, France, I even saw some yoghurt from Spain, so this is truly an international kosher supermarket. In a country weighed Down by memories of its Nazi past, even small sign that Jews are part of normal daily life again take on deeper meaning and one such sign is Frankfurt's Rimon kosher supermarket. Wilson Ruiz, Jewish News One, Frankfurt.
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