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Jonathan Boyd Talks Jewish Numbers - JDOV Talks

A specialist in contemporary Jewry, he holds a BA and MA in Modern Jewish History from University College London, and his doctoral research at the University of Nottingham is in the field of educational philosophy. He was formerly a Jerusalem Fellow at the Mandel Institute in Israel, and has held professional positions in research and policy at the JDC International Centre for Community Development in London and Paris, the Jewish Agency for Israel in London and New York, and the UK-based United Jewish Israel Appeal and Holocaust Educational Trust. His writings have been published in various newspapers, publications and journals, and he is the editor of The Sovereign and the Situated Self: Jewish Identity and Community in the 21stCentury (Profile Books, 2003). His most recent research examined the identities of Jewish students in Britain, the attitudes of Jews in Britain towards Israel (both co-authored with David Graham), and child poverty and deprivation in the British Jewish community.
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