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Joel Grind: The YELLOWGOAT Sessions - Coming Jan. 15, 2013!

Recorded as sort of a return to form of the demo era of Toxic Holocaust (Critical Mass in particular). Raw, stripped down, reverbed and distorted to hell. I decided to not call this a Toxic Holocaust record for a few reasons. The main one being Toxic has sort of morphed from being a solo project to now being a full band. That's not saying you wont see other "solo" Toxic material, but for right now it's definitely a solid band. Also, this record is definitely less Thrash and more dirty Rock n Roll and finally I didn't want to just slap the Toxic name on it to sell it. I recorded this because I was anxious to record something like this again with out over thinking it. Recorded in two days in a rehearsal room. All instruments by Joel Grind. 01 Ascension (Intro) 02 Hell's Master of Hell 03 Vengeance Spell 04 Foul Spirit Within 05 Cross Damnation 06 Grave Encounters 07 Black Order 08 The Eternal One 09 Hail to Cruelty 10 Descension (Outro)
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