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Jhan Moskowitz Memorial 2012


Jhan Moskowitz
1948 -- 2012

One of the Founders of Jews for Jesus and a mentor to many...

Jhan Moskowitz, North American director of Jews for Jesus, was raised in the Bronx, New York. The son of a holocaust survivor, the heartbeat of the Moskowitz family is Jewish through and through. This identity only grew stronger when, in 1971 he embraced Y'shua (Jesus) as his Messiah. He became passionate to tell others the Gospel, and was part of the early "tribe" of Jews for Jesus. Jhan not only excelled in creative drama, master story-telling and expounding on the Word of God, he was a consummate missionary, soul-winner and discipler. Jhan also had the ability to bring together many in the Messianic movement. Jhan carried on his ministry with his life partner and love of his life, Melissa, another Jew for Jesus. They married in 1976. They have two daughters and a son-in-law.

Jhan began his training for ministry at Simpson College in San Francisco and was ordained through the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. He continued to study, learn and teach others throughout his life. He has a Masters in Missions from the School of World Missions at Fuller Seminary, and just last year Jhan received his Doctorate of Ministry at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. His dynamic preaching abilities were shared with small groups as well as major platforms, including Promise Keepers, as he brought the message of reconciliation through Messiah Jesus to thousands.
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