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Битолските евреи (Jews of Bitola)

Битолските евреи (The Bitola Jews) This documentary video was produced in 2006 on the occasion of the remembrance of the Bulgarian deportation of the Macedonian Jews from the town of Bitola on 11 March 1943. Through interviews with Holocaust survivors from Bitola and friends of Holocaust victims we are reminded of the horrors of the Bulgarian Nazi regime that savagely deported more than 3200 Bitola Jews to the death camps at Treblinka where they were exterminated. You will notice that the memories of the Macedonian Jewish Holocaust survivors in this video differ greatly from the official historical account of the Holocaust that is promoted and sanctioned by the Bulgarian state today. The Bulgarian state fancies itself now as the saviour of the Bulgarian Jews despite recent evidence emerging that the Nazi Bulgarian Government of WWII conspired to and failed at exterminating the 50000 Bulgarian Jews. And while many Bulgarians have been successfully duped into buying the tall tales of universal Bulgarian opposition to the Holocaust, the memories of the Macedonian Jews tell a different story that is drastically at odds with the Bulgarian version of events. Contrary to Bulgarian historiography, the Macedonian Jews from Bitola do not remember the Bulgarian Nazis as gallant protectors of the Jewish people during this terrifying ordeal. Nor do the Bitola Jews remember the Bulgarian Nazis to be hesitantly implementing the deportation of the ...
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