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Jewish Winners of Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Physics: Robert Lefkowitz and Serge Haroche Awarded

American Jew Robert Lefkowitz has been awarded a coveted Nobel Prize in the field of chemistry along with his fellow American Brian Kobilka. Their research into how cell respond to stimuli is likely to lead to improved methods of tackling cancer and diabetes. Nobel Prize winner Robert Lefkowitz: "Wow, this is now a very complete rounded story and so I say, you know, Bryan there is no way this would have happened to me if it wasn't for your work and he basically responded that obviously the opposite was true as well" Lefkowitz also joked about his wife waking him up with the news that the Nobel Committee was on the phone. Nobel Prize winner Robert Lefkowitz: "I didn't hear the call because I have earplugs. And, Lynn gave me the elbow. And, I've been telling people it's Stokholm on the line, she denies this. She denies this, she says she simply handed me the phone. I said to myself, these Swedish accents are too good to fake, so I figured it was the real deal" French Jew Serge Haroche also picked up a Nobel Prize in the field of physics, after developing a method leading to the creation of superfast computers. Since its conception in 1901, the Nobel Prize has ushered in Jewish winners in all 6 categories, making up around 20% of all Nobel laureates.
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