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Jewish Population Surging in Germany despite Rising Anti-Semitism, Circumcision Debate

Germany today boasts the fastest growing Jewish population in Europe. And since the German reunification in 1990, new energy has been infused by Jewish immigration from Russia. In the new Germany that has emerged after the German reunification, a new generation of Jews sees itself as part of a German pluralist society in which the primary factor determining ethnic, religious and cultural identity is individual choice. Young Jews in Germany are self-confidently toying with prejudices and clichés, creating an identity for themselves that is no longer tied to the past Deni Kranz, a German member of the European Jewish Parliament, argues that today the real resurgence of Jewish life revolves around the "outsider" status of Jews in Germany, and points out to a renewal of anti-Semitism with the on-going debate on circumcision. With recent changes in immigration and citizenship laws, we must now begin considering how Jews live in Germany instead of always just asking why do they decide to move here. Wilson Ruiz, Jewish News One, Germany.
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