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"Jewish Nobel Prize" Worth $1 Million to be Awarded in Science and the Arts

"Jewish Nobel Prize" Worth $1 Million to be Awarded to Jews with exceptional Achievements in Science and the Arts Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky and Genesis Philanthropy Group founder Mikhail Fridman today (Tuesday, 26 June 2012) announced the Genesis Prize, the "Jewish Nobel Prize" -- an international prize which will be awarded to Jews who win global recognition due to their achievements in the fields of science and the arts. The Genesis Prize, worth $1 million, to be financed by the Genesis Philanthropy Group, will be awarded by Prime Minister Netanyahu at a festive annual ceremony to be held close to the Passover holiday. The goal of the prize is to emphasize the contribution of the Jews to world history and draw the younger generation of Jews around the world closer to the State of Israel and Jewish identity. The prize selection committee will be chaired by Jewish Agency Chairman Sharansky and will be composed of retired judges and Diaspora Jewish community leaders, as well as Prime Minister's Office and Genesis Philanthropy Group representatives. The prize winner will be chosen in a multi-stage process from among a group of candidates, each of whom feel a link to the Jewish People and the State of Israel and are an exemplar for the younger generation. Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "The prize symbolizes Jews' great contribution in human development and will be a source of pride for young Jews around the world. The Jewish ...
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