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Jewish Community Mourns Loss Of Long Time Friend, Senator Daniel Inouye

12-18-2012 AP/VINNEWS New York - His list of accomplishments was long and prolific: the most senior senator in the United States senate as well as the second longest serving senator in American history, the highest ranking Asian-American politician in the country, an undefeated elected official in the state of Hawaii since it declared statehood and recipient of numerous awards and citations including the World War II Medal of Honor, the Bronze Star Medal and two Purple Hearts. Video below by Simon Gifter of events wth Sen. Inouye with the Jewish community. But for American Jewry Senator Daniel Inouye, who passed away yesterday in Washington at age 88, will be remembered as perhaps one of the greatest allies that both the Jewish people and the State of Israel have ever had. "I knew Senator Inouye for decades," Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations told VIN News. "He was a remarkable friend of the Jewish community, helping countless Jewish institutions of all kinds, and the most stalwart friend and greatest defender of the State of Israel who ever sat in congress. His death is both a personal and communal loss for all of America." Inouye, who lost his right arm during World War II, first became interested in Judaism while recovering in the hospital from injuries he sustained during the war. After hearing about the genocide that transpired during the Holocaust he began to study Jewish history and ...
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